Education as a Way of Life

Throughout life, one is constantly reminded of the impact that certain people have had on their lives; or the important values that were taught to them at an early age. The importance of what was taught to us at school, universities or at a ripe age still has an impact on us today, Having said this, as a parent and an educator, the importance of maintaining the trust and the cooperative nature that you have initially entrusted upon a school or an educational institute, as your child's 'second home' and the teachers that become role models and maternal or paternal figures to your children, is a duty that needs to be withheld consistently.

In today's world, with the high demand on school's to raise student achievements, it has become increasingly difficult if not obstructing to run a school, teach a child and achieve excellence without supportive parents. Even if the schools are essentially able to improve student conduct and in turn help them grow and develop, during school hours, the likelihood of a consistent and lasting impact is often hindered and put to waste when school value are not reinforced and celebrated at home.

It is a well-documented and researched matter, that brings to attention that students more often than not respond extremely well to their parents participation and interest in their school affairs as a reinforcing and rewarding mechanism. As parents there are various different ways in which one can have a positive and active part in their child's educational experience.

As an initial starting point, a parent should always motivate their children regardless of their academic progress, and make them aware of their support through hard times also. A parent can easily ensure that their child is encouraged to read as a pleasurable activity rather than a compulsion. Moreover, parents tend to hold back when investing in extra activities that will further allow one to develop their child in their specific interest areas. Extra curricular activities regardless of the nature, summer school and school related competitions are always a very healthy mode of development for children outside of the academic walls of school.

Ultimately, as parents and as educators, one must realize the impact and the importance of personal development as not only being limited to the boundaries of academic success; but rather through instilling various different virtues of responsibility, respect and commitment which will enhance the minds of your children in a positive way. The measure of excellence and success should not be limited to grades and the number of A's that a child achieves, but rather on the amount of effort that is put into their tasks.

The reality is ultimately in front of our eyes, where learning cannot be limited to the 8 hours that a student spends at school, or the number of years spent at an educational institute. Reality has shown us day in and day out, that learning is a very broad road, and teaching cannot be done through the hands of one individual or one location, but in fact, learning should become a way of life, and one should be able to teach their children and support the educators that strive to teach your children valuable lessons every day.