The relentless pursuit of economic stability

In the ever progressing and developing world, one surely doesn't run out of issues to ponder upon; and one of the very predicaments that we see in our homes, communities and the world as a whole, is the deterioration of dedication. Moving along with the years and with the transformation of the global industry as a whole into a competitive pit where the survival of the fittest in terms of economic value and welfare has now become the only feasible option. Decisions are made based on financial gain, questions are asked as a result of an economic crisis, and an individual's value is based upon competitive business performance.

In the distant past, one always had the option of pursuing their dreams, and following the career they were most passionate about. Although this does undoubtedly still occur today, it has become a rarity. Tertiary sectors that once used to be based wholly around providing quality services with the main aim of improving and polishing the society, have now been tainted with the need to risk their noble purposes in order to survive in a world where economic value is essential and ultimately the only way. Schools, hospitals, and other simple service providers that exist to deliver the basics of human rights to people, have become businesses that thrive off of competitive success.

It seems that it was not too long ago where a young adult, ready to set foot into the real world was encouraged to aspire to become what he or she has always been passionate about. Today, that very notion has been reformed and altered, where a child is conversely encouraged to pick a career path that would be the most economically fitting for them in the future; one where financial stability was most likely ensured. For instance, one can surely owe the deterioration of liberal arts and literature as career paths to the relative lack of financial value that such careers comparatively generate. Thus, young adults are encouraged to opt for courses, degrees and paths that will land them higher paying jobs, regardless of their devotion, or genuine dedication to the chosen career or job.

The idea and the beauty that once surrounded the concept of dedication and determination has also been tainted by this competitive plague that has taken over, over the past few years. Dedication to work has started to exist solely in pursuit of career gain on an economic level, rather than dedication that surrounds passion and a heartfelt work ethic. Determination is not a result of personal development, inner satisfaction or pure passion, but rather, determination is now a competitive trait that businesses and companies seek in an individual to secure the top spot in the global industry.

There was once a time where work was completed and done regardless of what was paid in return; there was a time where the term 'overtime' did not have to be used as a means of encouragement or motivation, a time where hours of brains, sweat and blood was put into tasks as a selfless act of pure dedication. Times have now changed, and many of us often find ourselves, as potential employees, present employees, and employers, at a cross line, where one must distance themselves from the materialism of the modern world, and delve deeper into one's self to rediscover the determination and dedication that has been diminished from our world today.