Android app development - the necessity of the changing world

Smartphones and mobile applications have got conglomerated with our life in such a way that our young folks can't even goes out from home without these things. With millions of users and enormous amounts of downloads, android Applications are creating a huge buzz in the market. From the very initial stage, android app development has experienced an avalanche of applications which are submitted in the Google Play Store so that users can use these applications according to their taste and necessity.

A plethora of studies claimed that the demand for the smartphones is increasing day by day and businesses houses are trying to expand their wings by using these tablets and smartphone applications. Millions of software programmers and developers throughout the world have accepted that android is the most preferable and suitable platform because of its open source development environment which can easily be accessible from anywhere without investing any huge amount. That's why most of the android applications are sold at an extremely economical price to its customers while some are even available for free so that customers can easily get enticed by these apps. This is only possible because day by day a huge number of developers are embracing this operating system and are trying to invent some latest android apps which can make our life more facile and easier. Motivated by this rising demand, many Android app development companies are tempting android developers with some lucrative packages so that they can join their existing team.
A comparative analysis between a paid app and a free app

With the help of android applications, enterprises and business houses are trying to establish their ubiquitous presence throughout the world and want to grab more customers' attention so that they can earn maximum benefits and able to make a huge profit. So, in one word, by using android applications they want to proliferate their growth and development. Though markets are crammed with several mobile devices and app development platforms like Blackberry, Symbian and even iPhone, but still enterprises have an inherent propensity towards android applications. Below, we are mentioning some prime reasons why android applications are preferred by the entrepreneurs these days'.

  • Usually, all android applications are stored in Google Play store which is currently the largest mobile app market and the cardinal host for android application. Every day, millions of customers are visiting Google Play Store for android applications and this is the key reason for the success of the android applications.
  • Most of the android apps are free which means android fans are less tolerant towards paying for apps.
  • The trouble-free development environment offered by the Google is another pivotal reasons for the success and the popularity of the android apps over the others.
  • For android, all applications are getting updated by Google and this is another vital reason why android has expanded in the recent time. That's why entrepreneurs and business owners want to create better business strategies for the promotion of their business by using android applications.

Seven rules to create an effective android application development

Over the past few years, we have seen there are huge demand and rapid development of android so this is the high time that we need to consider the performance of the application. When an application works error free then it is only called the best performing application. It is also an obligatory job for android developers to check their application before launching it to the market. Android SDK also includes innumerable tools for debugging errors and by using these tools a developer can easily identify performance problems in their android applications. One of the pivotal problems that are associated with the android application is the battery life. So, it is recommended that the developers need to optimize the performance of their applications so that they can enhance the battery life of the smartphones and tablets. A company which provides android applications development in India should do plenty of research and tests before going to introduce their android apps to the market.

Below, we are mentioning some points which an android developer needs to follow in order to make an effective android application development.

  • Optimize the performance of the application for android: At first, a develop needs to optimise his or her application and if required they should discard other impertinent things which are not required for the applications. Many novice android developers often ignore these things related to the application as they don't have much knowledge and experience in this sector and hence, most of the time they developed such applications which are not all that good and worthy.
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  • Try to create some meaningful applications: When android application development is done just for the sake of it then the application is appalling and grievous and certainly these kinds of applications are unable to grab the attention from the users.
  • Try to make simple and uncomplicated layout. While designing, it is advisable to use test Relative Layout or Grid Layout because it will help a developer to create a simple layout which can easily be understandable. Moreover, this will certainly enhance the performance of the application in Android. Mobile Applications vs Responsive Websites
  • Try to discard virtual method calls as much as possible. If we are using C or C ++, it will be a prudent decision if we use getter or setter methods rather than directly accessing the fields to use. Because the later may impose some restrictions to the accessibility of the applications.
  • Try to use integer method rather than floating method because usually, floating method needs two times more space than the integer.
  • Try to use a precompiled SQL statement or queries.
  • If required, a developer should try the native methods.

So, developing an Android App is the easiest way by which a company can firmly establish its digital presence in the market. And, that's why companies are nowadays spending a chunk amount of money for the development of Android Apps.