App marketing strategy 2017

App marketing strategy

It is mandatory to make some relevant app marketing strategies if we want to sustain ourselves in this competitive market.

Over the past few years we have seen some revolutionary changes in mobile app development industry. With the invention of latest technologies, this industry is flourishing and continuously moving upwards every year. Each & every year researchers & developers are inventing some new trends and innovations in phones and they are trying to launch new applications which can make users' life easier and users can also access this information at any time according to their convenience. In this mobile-driven world, business houses and enterprises recognize that if they want to stay ahead from their competitors and want to grab customers' attention quickly, then they need some robust mobile app which will help them to gain customers loyalty and also help them to boost up their growth & development. So, companies & business houses are now showing their inclination towards various B2B and B2C apps and hence they are investing a hefty amount & time in app development.

Now-a-days the app-world in which we belong makes a striking influence in our day to day life. From purchasing movie ticket to air ticket booking, shopping, banking etc. can be done smoothly through different mobile applications. That's why these days' app store is flooded with innumerable collections of mobile apps and each app has its distinct feature. Today there are more than 800,000 Apps in App store, vying for users' attention. So it's quite obvious that it's difficult to stand out from the crowd and convince customers to download our app in the mobile market. So to create a sustainable app, we need to build solid marketing strategies to get our app into the hands of the people who need it most.

If we take the example of Everpix, a photo storage company, had the potential to overturn companies like Dropbox and Flickr, but it made one major mistake. It put its entire budget into product development, leaving little money to sustain the company as it tried to grow its user base. The fact is that a great product isn't enough to succeed in the app market place. It's important to strike a healthy balance between development and marketing to ensure sustainability.

Find our Niche : We can differentiate our app in a crowded market in two ways: Introduce features that no one else has and target a specific niche. Take QUAD, for instance — yet another entrant in the crowded mobile messaging market. QUAD focused on its unique ability to message more than 50 people and has heavily marketed its app to college groups like fraternities and sororities that have a real need for a bulk messaging system. By doing so, it's enabled itself to live alongside other messaging juggernauts like WhatsApp and GroupMe, rather than compete with them.

Social Media Marketing : Social media sites are the best way for any kind of business if they want to proliferate their growth & development. Social word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow our user base. It allows us to target people specifically by demographics and interests and increases our visibility. Having a greater audience with related to our mobile app, will lead to lower advertising costs and higher returns (in the form of downloads for our app).

Leverage with your mobile website : If we already have a mobile website that gets a decent amount of traffic, it's time to use that to our app's advantage. These people are ideal candidates for targeted groups who will be happy to use our app right from the get go. If we take an example of Yelp, it directs us to their mobile app while we visit their website. They do this by adding a banner image to their mobile site with an advertisement for their app and a button to download it. It's essential to direct people to our app instead of remaining on your mobile website.

Optimized for the App store: it's important to make sure our app has the right keywords in its title and description so users can easily able to find us. If our app doesn't come up when users type relevant keywords into the search bar, then it might as well not exist. That's why app design and development companies have started making App Store optimization an integral part of their development process.

Advertising : One route to take when marketing our app is advertising. Many larger companies take this approach. According to research from Neilsen, 40% of smartphone and tablet users use their devices while watching TV on a daily basis. A TV advertisement aimed at promoting an app targets the user at an optimum moment.Find blogs and niche websites where our potential audience is likely to be. Try adding a banner in a new location they haven't been using, making it look like an integral part of the site itself that is likely to bring more traffic.

PR : Higher some professionals or we need to do it by our own way. Make a press release with screenshots, our special story, your website's URL and a link to download the app. Personalized emails to blog owners, other enterprise owners, renowned persons will also add lots of benefits for promotion and marketing.

If an app marketing company can amalgamate all of the above mentioned ideas with their promotional strategies, then they will definitely able to catch the eyes of the customers and will able to drag more customers towards their app.

It is true that every enterprise has a different marketing budget and will have a different strategy for promoting their app. The important thing is to figure out which strategy works best for our app and promote it in the most effective way possible. This will generate buzz and get people to download our app, which will eventually lead to valuable and loyal customers. So by focusing on marketing strategies alongside product development, we can create an app that not only makes life better for our users, but also makes a profit for your organization.

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