Live Chat And Its Importance For Online Business

Live chat has become one of the indispensable tools for business.

Website is the rudimentary step that is taken by any company when they are going to engrave their name as some of the top notch companies in this competitive world. Websites have taken a strategic place in creating product and service awareness. But later business owners have realised that websites alone single-handedly will not be able to catch customers' eyes for a prolonged period of time. Because customers are always expecting some more add on features from their service providers and most importantly these new generations are always running before time. They don't have enough patience to stand a place for a long time. That's why companies are thinking some exclusive features which can not only grab the customers' attention but will also be able to retain them with that particular site. With this new concept, the live chat is launched into the market.

These days, most of the companies are showing their inclination towards live chat support as it boosts their growth:Companies are now in favour to integrate live chat with their responsive websites, so that customers can be always in touch with the company and in this the company can easily differentiate their potential customers from the buggers. With the live chat support system, customers can easily get real time solution with precision which helps them to show their loyalty towards the company. Customers' faith & confidence are the two pillars which are the obligatory factors for the success of any business. If these two factors are not to be taken care properly, then it may become a hindrance for the growth of the company. But with live chat model, company has the immense opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the customers, so that customers can never imagine quitting their services or the products that are offered by the particular company. So, live chat software's, not only offers an instant communication platform but also it equally contributes in company's sales & profit. Today, when we visit any website where live chat system is already incorporated, a chat window will automatically pop-up asking whether we need any kind of assistance or support from the company. This is one of the foremost features for those who are into e-commerce business. And that's the reason why online shopping is earning more popularity among buyers.

When a novice buyer visits a particular website, then certainly some questions will be roaming around in his/her mind. If they are not getting any kind of satisfied answer, then they will definitely jump into another site. And if this happened continuously then perhaps the company will need to bare a huge monetary loss. Here a representative or a chat agent comes into the picture and efficiently sort out all the queries that are made from the customer's end. Once the company is able to select the ideal software for them, then they need some coherent & efficient chat agents who are enough knowledgeable in this domain and have vast experience in this profession. They need to be very active & agile all the time and affectionately need to sort all the queries from customer's end. If customers are not satisfied with the answers then they will get demotivated and will shift their interest towards another company. So, chat agents are responsible for carrying company's brand value & image. If they are not ardent about their work and unable to execute their responsibilities properly, then this will create a negative impression on company's reputation. So, every companies should be very attentive & choosy while they are hiring a chat agent.

The job of a chat agent is very challenging as they need to cope up with many unfavourable conditions. Good communication skills of the chat agent is the utmost factor for the success of any live chat model. According to the statistics, 90% of the web-visitors are the first point of contact if a company wants to flourish its business. So, a company should hire some top-notch chat support team who have exceptional communication knowledge so that they can easily convert this lead into company's benefit.

Live chat support team should understand the queries or the requirement that are made by customers and this is the first phase of the communication cycle. And this is only possible if the chat agents have enough knowledge regarding the product or the services that are offered by the company. May be customers don't have much knowledge regarding the product or service but the chat agent should be well equipped with the product. Some time, customers are inadequate so that they can't explain their situation properly or they may provide some discrete information. In that case, chat agents should ask some relevant questions so that customers will be able to interpret their requirements properly. When they are communicating with the customers, they should be very polite and affectionate in any circumstances. When chat agent has enough information related to the customers' requirement, then they should recapitulate it with the customer in order to ensure them that they have understood it correctly. And if there is any misunderstanding from both the sides, then it will be corrected instantly.

It's a little bit of tricky, when a chat agent needs to tell the customers that something is not possible. It's better to tell them directly about the limitation of the task rather to mislead or fabricate them with false commitments. So, basically a good communication skill is the pivotal factor for the success of any live chat model.

There are dozens of points that chat agents should remember when they are communicating with the customers. Below we are summarizing some points that a chat agent should keep in mind while he/she is going to commence any conversion with the users.

  • Chat agents should ask the name of the visitor at the initial phase of the chatting itself even though the visitors would have filled their name in the pre-chat form. This little bit of extra care will definitely impress the customers and they will understand how much they are valuable for their company.
  • Try to address the customers with their short name. Though this is not a very formal approach and might look a bit unprofessional but since we all are human being, this will add the flavour of human behaviour. Customers will get the confidence that they are chatting with another human being not any automated machine or a supernatural power.
  • Once a chat agent will understand the customer's requirement, then he/she should try to extract the gist from the requirement and must do a cross verification with the customer.
  • While answering the queries of the customers, instead of using single word/phrase a chat agent should try to construct a complete sentence. This will create a good impact on the customers.
  • Intentionally create some typo error while chatting with the buyers. So, that customers will understand that they are chatting with a real human being. Because humans are liable to make errors not robots.

The most common mistake that chat agents often do is that, they strictly maintain the chat etiquettes and the guiding instructions. They don't even try to diverge themselves from their guidelines. But to make chat more fascinating & exciting, sometimes the need to use some colloquial words or they need to change their approach. If customers remain unsatisfied while chatting, then they will divert their interest to other companies.

Why web chat support has become successful?

There are several reasons for which a web chat support has earned its popularity among the users. Below we are portraying some advantage of live chat support in any business.

  • Convenience- In a live chat model, customers are completely free to interact with the chat agents according to their suitable time. Because most of the companies offer 24X7 online customer support service. Under any emergency, customers can connect with the representatives even in odd hours.
  • Time saving- with live chat support customers can ask their queries or requirements according to their convenient place even. So they don't need to travel or no need to stand in front of a long queue for any kind of assistance.
  • Cost saving- Live chat services significantly reduces the cost incurred on customer service. An efficient chat agent should be highly capable to handle multiple chat sessions at a time. There is no need to hire a support team and in this way a company can save its expenditure. On the other hand, live chat system also reduces the cost of telephone bill of the customers.
  • Better company - customer relationship- Live chat models always enhances the relationship between the company and its customers. Whenever, customers need any help or assistance, chat agents are always there to provide them the optimized solutions. With the help of live chat, a company can earn customers' trust & support for the prolonged period of time.

It will be a prudent decision for a company if they are trying to integrate live chat with its website because this will also help them to stay ahead from their customers. According to the survey, it is shown that even today only less than half of the e-commerce platforms have opted for live chat support on their websites.