Slice PSD and code your first HTML website

Why PSD Slicing is considered as one of the crucial part for any web-designing?

With the inundation of latest technologies, gradually we are entering towards a technologically engrossed era where everything can be done digitally. Now-a-days websites are conglomerated in a business industry in such a way that companies now cannot imagine their existence without having a website. A consummate website will not only draw the attention from the customers but it also invigorates the value & position of the company in this competitive market. That's why companies are showing more inclination towards making a customized website so that more & more customers can heed their sites and in this way they will get a good amount of web traffic. So web designing is not at all a simple job as some special skills & knowledge are required to fulfil these requirements. Learning basic skills regarding web designing is the most fundamental part for everyone who are associated with this domain. A web designer's job is very challenging as he/she needs to show their proficiency towards their clients so that clients gets satisfied with their job.

What is PSD and why it is required in any web design?

Photoshop is a widely accepted tool that is used by web designers to design their websites. Since it has amazing graphic features and also a very user friendly interface, that's why it has become a very well-admired tool among designers. Images & pictures that are designed through Photoshop will always uplift the aesthetic appeal of the website and isolate it from the rest. The output of this tool is PSD or JPEG or PNG which cannot be directly used in websites because there are certain limitations with search engines. Search engines are still not adequate enough for reading the contents of the images. Hence, PSD conversion enters gradually which can bridge this gap. So, PSD files need to be converted into HTML or XHTML formats depending upon the requirement. All these coded files are now widely accepted and moreover all of them are very user friendly.

PSD Slicing

PSD slicing is a very pivotal task. For doing this kind of job only skillful and knowledgeable web designers are required. Certain criteria's are to be kept in mind while choosing a third party service.

  • Manual coding- This is the most important criteria while a person goes for a third-party service provider. Though there are many software conversion tools which are available in the market but the output is of very inferior quality as compared to the manual coding.
  • SEO friendly mark-up- This is the second most important criteria which comes after the manual coding. A person should take extra care while using mark-up to check whether it is user friendly or not. If a site is not uplifted by search engine tools, then probably it will lose customers' visibility and if this happens then everything will go in vain.
  • Quick page loading- Now-a-days people are usually doing multi-tasking at a single time so they don't have enough time to stay in to particular site for a long time. If a site takes too much time to load, then customers will surely bypass that site and will jump into other sites. While developing a site, a person should carefully check that all pages are optimized properly.
  • Cross browser compatibility- Today people are searching internet with the help of many different browsers because there is no single browser which can monopolize the market. So while converting the PSD files to HTML or XHTML format, a person should check whether the converted versions are compatible with all kinds of browsers or not.
  • Responsive pages- Today people are not only obsessed with computer, they are operating multiple devices at a time. So while making web pages, a person should take extra care to check whether all pages have equal access from any kind of device or not.

PSD slicing is a significant part for developing any website and can only be done by experts. A person should evaluate all the above mentioned points before taking the final call.

Some benefits that a web designing company can earn from a third party service provider by outsourcing PSD conversion:

Many companies have their own internal team, who are rigorously doing this programming job while some are going with the third-party service providers. According to them, hiring the services of website design experts is an investment rather than an expense, as it generates substantial profits for their business.

  • If a web site company wants to make profit by web designing services, then every month it has to launch as many websites as it can. One of the most challenging part of any web designing is the PSD conversions. So the company needs to hire a number of efficient employees who have adequate knowledge in this domain. For doing this, the company needs to bear a huge expense. Moreover, company will also try to retain them for a long period of time which is another exorbitant thing. If any company wants to get rid from this expense & stress, then without wasting any time they should go for a third party service provider. This will automatically reduce their expenses.
  • For maintaining an in-house programming team, a company needs to provide them proper infrastructure & equipment's. But with third-party service, the company is not liable for these things. So, this is another advantage for hiring a third-party service provider.
  • With the third-party services, the overall quality of web designs will get enhanced. Because they have a team of experienced people who are into this field for so many years. So, customers will be happy by seeing the end product and they will try to be associated with the company for a long term. Since customers are happy with the product & services that are offered by the company, so on behalf of the company they will advertise their brand.

So, it is always recommended that for doing any kind of PSD conversion job, a company should go for a third-party service provider

Certain points are needed to be kept in mind while choosing a conversion company

To find an expert person regarding this field is a tiresome job for the company. That's why companies are heeding for a third party service provider who will be responsible for this job. While choosing a third-party (PSD Conversion company) for providing this service, the company should take a glance on certain criteria's. These include,

  • Experience- Experience is certainly a game changer when it comes to finding the best service provider in the PSD mark-up industry. Experienced persons are accustomed with several critical conversion challenges and can easily deal with various conversion formats. So, while considering a third-party, the company should check how long they are into this profession and depending on that they can take their final call.
  • Tableless PSD mark-up- A company should go for that type of service providers who can efficiently deliver tableless CSS conversion. Because this type of conversion is easily compatible with any kind of browsers.
  • Cross verify service provider's reputation- In order to execute the job properly, the company should check all previous works & portfolio of the service providers. This is the most paramount factor while hiring a third-party for PSD conversions. The company should check the market reputation of the service provider. If the service provider has questionable reputation in terms of NDA compliance, then it won't be a wise decision to work with such a service provider. Also be sure of the observance to the corporate standards followed by the selected company.
  • Price- The company should take quotation from more than two service providers. Depending on the best quotation, they can choose the final one with whom they want to proceed further. Never allure yourselves with such service providers who quote a comparatively lower price. Because low price sometimes tarnishes the quality of work.
  • Take a glance on after sales support and customer care- It won't be a prudent decision to go for a company who does not have good records in after sales support and customer services. So, before employing a service provider don't forget to check these two parameters.
  • Should follow deadlines – There are many service providers who fabricate their employer with false commitments. Most of them fail to submit their task within the deadline. So before selecting a service provider, the employer should check whether they abide by the deadlines or not.

A company should evaluate all these points before taking their final call.

Benefits of choosing a PSD service providing company over a freelancer

For outsourcing the job, a company has two options- whether they can hire a third-party service provider company or they can go for freelance service providers. There are obviously certain precedencies if a company choose another company for the outsourcing task. An employer will obviously get more trust and confidence with a company. Moreover, a company has its own expertise team who are fervently working on this and they have immense knowledge in this domain. A company should abide by the all rules & regulations and always try to maintain certain standard of work. They strictly follow deadlines and enable to submit some superior quality of work. So, while working with a company, the productivity and standard will obviously enhance and hence it will also inflate the employer's brand & image.

There are certain limitations or restrictions while working with freelancers. Most of them have inadequate knowledge & experience in this field. Hence, work quality will go down with freelancers. Moreover, they always try to fabricate employers with some false commitments and never take deadlines seriously. They have always delayed when it comes to submitting the work on time.

Though it's not true that all freelancers are irresponsible or inefficient that they can't deliver the work properly. Some are really erudite and have sufficient knowledge in this particular field. But they are very few in percentage. So to stay in safer side, it is recommended that if employers are having bulk volume of work then they should go for a service provider company and if they have lesser work then they can handpick freelancers for their job.